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PRMSU opens search for President

Villareal, Dar, Guerrero take oath as new PRMSU BOR members

Three new members were recently added to the ten-member PRMSU Board of Regents (BOR) in reference to RA 11015 which includes the strengthening of the governing board as one of the mandates. The renowned professionals added to the board are Dr. Ruben L. Villareal, Dr. William D. Dar, and Dr. Rafael D. Guerrero III who took oath during the BOR Meeting at the CHED Building, Quezon City, March 6, 2019.


Doctor Of Public Administration, Honoris Causa, Conferred To Mother Of PRMSU​

In recognition of her outstanding achievements and meritorious contributions in the field of public service, governance, and legislation, the Board of Regents of the President Ramon Magsaysay State University (PRMSU) by virtue of BOR Resolution No. 1040, s. 2018, conferred the degree Doctor of Public Administration, honoris causa, to Hon. Cheryl Deloso-Montalla, Second District Representative of Zambales, at the Mid-Year Commencement Exercises, February 01, 2019, University Gymnasium.

Student envoys seek for CSBO fund

In six words. University President Dr. Cornelio C. Garcia shared his insights regarding Office Order No. 189, s. 2014 which strictly bars all collection of fees without the approval of the Board of Regents (BOR) despite the need of funds of College Student Body Organizations (CSBO) to accomplish their projects.