PRMSU Guidelines on Procurement Procedures thru Public Bidding During the State of Public Health Emergency

Availability / Issuance of Bidding Documents

Bidding documents are uploaded and available in the PhilGEPS and the procuring entity’s websites. Interested bidders must download the said documents from PhilGEPS and from President Ramon Magsaysay State University’s website at

Payment of bidding documents must be made thru LandBank of the Philippines

Account Number :  1122-1045-71
Account Name:       President Ramon Magsaysay State University-Iba

Scanned Deposit slip must be submitted thru email at on or before the due date.


  • Failure to submit PROOF OF PAYMENT on or before the due date shall be disqualified.

Conduct of Pre-Bid Conference

Pre-bid Conference will be conducted thru VIDEO CONFERENCING via ZOOM as the official platform. Interested bidders must register thru Google Form made available in the university website at The BAC Secretariat shall send to the registered bidders the link or Meeting ID and Password a day prior to the Pre-Bid Conference.

Submission of Bids

Bidders must submit their respective PASSWORD- PROTECTED BIDDING DOCUMENTS thru electronic mail at ON OR BEFORE the deadline.


  • Bids submitted after the deadline shall not be considered for opening.
  • Passwords for accessing the file will be disclosed by the bidders only during the actual bid opening.
  • Hard copies of Bidding documents shall be submitted thru any courier.

Opening of Bids

Bid opening shall be conducted thru VIDEO CONFERENCING via ZOOM. Bidders shall disclose passwords/access codes to the Bid and Awards Committee using flashcard.

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